Mobile devices have become our bodily extensions..Before we can become full fledged Cyborgs..we have already become Moborgs…We’re at the point where anyone armed with a current model smartphone or tablet is able to handle almost all of their at-home—and even at-work—tasks without needing anything else.Thanks to increased processing power, better battery life, vastly improved networking speeds,larger screen sizes on mobile devices and a enormous collection of Apps touching all areas of our lives , Commerce , Tracking , Reservations ,Health , Education , Navigation, Gaming , IOT , Socializing to name a few , results in we being in constant touch with our mobile devices.
Mobile devices have become our gateway to convenience , growth and a primary means to reach out to the world around us

We at KnowledgeOps are into the design and development of Mobile Apps.

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Be it developing Apps for Enterprises or for SMEs , we do it all.Apart from creative User Interfaces we have expertise in

  • Latest iOS version and Xcode.
  • Application developed using storyboard and AutoLayout.
  • Navigation between views achieved using segue as well as programmatically.
  • Knowledge of programming language used for Apple development like Objective-c and latest Swift 3.
  • Fluent with the data structures used in iOS like Array, Set, Dictionary.
  • Hands-on experience with Apple Push Notifications,
  • CoreGraphics, CoreAnimation, CoreData, UIKit and understanding of Apple’s human interface guidelines.
  • Expert in implementing UITableView, UICollectionView, UIScrollView and other UIKit objects.
  • Used Rest api(JSON) and SOAP(xml) web-services to fetch and store data in the databases.
  • Experience with social APIs like FB, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Experience with native MapKit as well as Google maps SDK.
  • Android Control Used in App
  • Native Login with Proper Validation in addition to Integration of Social Login SDK Like FB,G+ and LinkedIn.
  • Integration Of Google Map in App .
  • Event Created on Calendar at runtime with update of every 5 min.
  • Application developed using latest Android Studio IDE and Knowledge of programming language used for app developed like JAVA and Design in XML  In addition to End to End Backend Integration involving JsonParsing(use of JSONObject,JSONArray Class).
  • Use of Containers like ListView,GridView,ScrollView and  Layouts used in app like LinearLayout,RelativeLayout,FrameLayout,TableLayout and Widgets like LargeText,Button,radioButton,ImageView,Imagebutton,Spinner etc. and Expert like AutoCompleteTextView,MultiAutoCompleteTextView.
  • Navigation between different Activities with AutoLayout Design of View to support all multipleScreen.
  • Use of GCMPush Notification and Navigation Drawer in App.
  • Custom Design of Shape like Rectangle ,Rectangle with rounded corners,circle,circle with dotted line,vertical line etc
  • Implementation of Camera and gallery inside with proper permission in manifest file as well as runtime permission. use of Pagination in ListView and TableView.


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