We deliver IT projects using a wide variety..of back end technologies based on the requirements of the client and after doing a best fit technology analysis.
We at KnowledgeOps have solutions and delivery expertise in JAVA/J2EE , SPRING , .NET MVC and nodejs technology frameworks and allied technologies.

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Each framework has its own strengths and all follow and support certain design  patterns such as the MVC (Model – View – Controller).These frameworks promote rapid development,reducing the implementation cycle time and result in highly maintainable code.The development team armed with their expertise on these frameworks are able to spend more time in understanding the business requirements so as to meet the expectations of the business owners and also expectations around delivery deadlines.

We believe in not “re-inventing the wheel” even for bespoke developmentWe like to carry forward our learning from one delivery project to another.We do the same with Technology. We believe in building reusable components which can be used over several projects.Once tested the components can be plugged into another project ensuring time savings in terms of Testing and still helps us in deriving the same quality in results.It is said that in IT services , “the primary job of an Architect is make developers code less and think more.”

Apart from knowing the frameworks , our team also has excellent knowledge of configuring and deploying the

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applications on application servers e.g. Apache and IIS keeping in mind the Non Functional Requirements of the client and his Service Level Agreement related demands.

The team at KnowledgeOps has delivered web projects integrated with RDBMS such as MYSQL , MSSQL Server 2012 and  MongoDB, Neo4J in NoSQL space.We have the capability of handling large data sets and still keep the web

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application performant. We have used Object relational mapping (ORM) frameworks like SPRING JPA , SPRING DATA , LINQ to provide a common interface to the developer in terms of concepts , increasing his implementation efficiency.

All in All we can solution , design and implement end to end Web Applications for SME’s (Small And Medium Enterprises) and large businesses.